Tough, safe and versatile

The 522 is the perfect choice for those seeking a boat that is tough, safe and versatile.

  • LOA 17'1" / 5.2m
  • Beam 6'7" / 2m
  • Hull weight 1200 lbs / 545 kg
  • Price
Oli Longbottom
New Boat Sales
+44(0)1243 551456

Oli has been around boats his whole life recently spent several years working in the Mediterranean for a marine engineering business, he is a qualified water sports and powerboat instructor and with an extensive technical knowledge welcomes the opportunity to discuss your own specific plans and requirements for a new boat.

  • Tough and seaworthy design
  • Self draining cockpit
  • Easy to tow and easy to launch
  • GRP side mounted console fitted with no feedback push pull wheel steering
  • 26” interior freeboard makes a safe and secure cockpit
  • 26 knot performance
Tough and seaworthy design

The 522 is the perfect choice for those seeking a boat that is tough, safe and versatile. The easily driven hull lines ensure good performance and excellent economy with modest sized outboards, whilst the deep forefoot and modified V sections give a dry and comfortable ride in a seaway.

The deep self draining cockpit and stable hull form inspire confidence when cruising offshore as do the solid sensibly sized deck fittings and moulded in non slip surfaces. Other features include no feedback steering, under floor vented fuel locker with a gas strutted lid, battery stowage with hinged lid and inset coamings combined with 26” interior freeboard plus plenty of uncluttered cockpit space.

Overall dimensions are compact enough to make the 522 simple to park on the drive or in the garden. With the optional Orkney multi roller trailer, launching and recovery is a simple single handed operation. With speeds of up to 26 knots and superb sea keeping characteristics the 522 is hard to beat.