new design partnership with FISH Composites

In addition to a long standing and successful relationship with Arthur Mursell, TT Boat Designs, Orkney are delighted to announce the recent partnership with FISH Composites on the future development of the Orkney marque. FISH are an innovative group of designers and naval architects, specialising in all aspects of production boat design, from initial concept and layout through to implementation of the final product. Their extensive knowledge in design and production methods and experience in both the marine and commercial fields will bring a new level of efficiency and quality of build to the Orkney range.
Orkney has always taken pride in its position and reputation as a market leader and intends to continue its development programme, with exciting and innovative designs planned as well as refreshing the existing model range. All this whilst still keeping to Orkney’s key principles of unquestionably seaworthy robust designs.

Orkney remains a British built brand … built to last

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