Built in the UK since 1973

Situated in the heart of West Sussex, nearby to Chichester harbour and the South downs, Orkney is a leading manufacturer in the United Kingdom of Sea Angling, Sports and Leisure Craft. We've been building boats for over 40 years and have earned an enviable reputation for tough, seaworthy craft that can be found all around the world. 

Our hulls are instantly recognisable by their distinguishing classic lines and apparent simplicity; a result of thousands of hours of prototype testing in a wide variety of demanding sea conditions. From Iceland to the South Pacific, Orkney boats can be seen in use by fishermen, harbour authorities, Coastguard and Police as well as by day cruisers and leisure boating families. Chosen for their durability and flexibility, over 14,000 Orkney Boats have been manufactured, the majority of which are still going strong to this day.